Nanny Goat Vineyard

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Madison James
2 July 2024 | Madison James

Rare Batch 01

In any given year, Alan is working with 80+ different ferments of Pinot Noir and while he has an incredible skill in letting each sub-region contribute to the final wines, there was a consensus that there are a few, small batches each year that deserve a moment to shine. In the pursuit of magic, the perfect Pinot Noir, we are always exploring different ways to demonstrate the role of site, clone and winemaking. Launching in our August 2024 Wine Club (New Zealand) six pack memberships are a range of wines we hope you savour and reflect on, or build your own collection of RARE in your very own cellar.

The first release, our 2022 Chinaman's Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir nestled above Loop Road in Bendigo. The vineyard, named for the pioneer gold miners who brought wealth and notority to the region during the 1860s is an extreme site. Planted to soil, the vines switch up half way through the steep decent. The style of wine produced from this site is rich and perfumed. Each row is flanked with English rose bushes and the area landscaped with radiant rose hip bushes. 

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VINEYARD Chinaman's Ridge


COORDINATES 44.93815º S, 169.32725º E



HARVEST DATE 14th April 2022


BARREL  26 months. 1 x Francois Freres TG MT 3Y Barrel. French. 2nd fill.


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