Nanny Goat Vineyard

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John Doe
17 October 2019 | News | John Doe

BioGro Certified Organic

Nanny Goat Vineyard in Queensberry, Cental Otago was certified organic with BioGro in 2019. BioGro is New Zealand's leading organic certifier and has been at the forefront of the organics movement. Their stringent organic standards help ensure that we are avoiding the use of pesticides, fertilisers, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation at our vineyard.

As vignerons we believe that acting with consideration, responsibility and care with both our own vineyard and those of our grower partners is essential. We see first-hand the benefits, both environmentally and qualitatively, that organic farming and regenerative viticulture practices has at our vineyard and in the resulting wines. In the words of our winemaker Alan Peters-Oswald "healthy soils produce healthy, resilient vines and the flow on effect to the fruit in the winery is evident". We look forward to the release of our BioGro certified organic, single vineyard wines. 



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