Alan Peters-Oswald   “Central Otago is where I was raised, it’s in my blood. It inspires me to pursue the impossible, the creation of the perfect Pinot.”
Growing up in the small town of Roxburgh, not far from what are now the internationally renowned Central Otago wine growing sub-regions, instilled in Alan a love of the rugged beauty and boldly contrasting extremes of this this unique terroir.

Moving away from Central Otago at the age of 10 did not extinguish his passion for the region, and after gaining an interest in horticulture during his high school years, his curiosity in viticulture was sparked by the blooming vineyard plantings in Central Otago. This was the catalyst for his journey towards winemaking.

This curiosity about the world of viticulture led him to Marlborough, the heart of the New Zealand wine industry, where he obtained his Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production and, above all, a passion for wine.

From growing up on a small lifestyle block in rural Central Otago farming Angora goats, to returning years later in the role of winemaker for Central Otago’s Nanny Goat Vineyard producing premium Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah, Alan has come full circle.

There is no shortage of inspiration in this region, whichever way you turn there is beauty to be found. Alan believes that as a winemaker it is his job to make wines that interpret this beauty; their unique place of origin, the individual sites from which their fruit is sourced, and the quality of the fruit used. Wines should speak for themselves and not be veiled by excessive winemaking intervention. This philosophy applies not only to the wines of Nanny Goat Vineyard, but to all wines he has played a part in producing.